Thursday, August 09, 2007

To Hype, or Not To Hype

When I started this blog I made some rules:

1) Don't talk about my life as an agent. I'm more interested in talking about my life as a reader.

2) Don't plug my own books. And don't plug our agency's books.*

I've forgotten what the other rules were. I think Don't Talk About Bestsellers was one, and Don't Talk About Authors Who Are Dead; Don't Talk About Books I Hate was definitely a rule; Don't Talk About Books In The Same Genre Over And Over Again; Don't Talk About Books That Have Won the Nobel Prize...

I've probably broken most of these rules by now. And I'm about to break another one to hype one of my clients: Brian Francis Slattery, author of Spaceman Blues: A Love Song.

Spaceman Blues was just published this week, simultaneously in hardcover and trade paperback. I could tell you all about it, or you could just read this great review in The Village Voice, which may be a wee bit more objective than any gushy review I would ever write, (as if book reviews could ever be considered objective - ha!). Brian was also interviewed on NPR's The Leonard Lopate Show , where he gave some very smart answers to some very smart questions.

Yes, I'm bragging.

*Rule #2 is the only thing that keeps me from turning this blog into a Jim Butcher fan site every time the next book in The Dresden Files comes out.


Writer, Rejected said...

Oh, dude. I did not know you were a literary agent. That is some shoddy blog reading on my part.

Maya Reynolds said...

Your liking Jim Butcher is reason enough for me to run out and buy "Spaceman Blues."

Thanks for the link to my blog.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good book, I'll definitely pick it up. Also like the review in Village.

And, yes, I think you should pimp the books you rep on your blog. If you like them enough to rep them, well, that's what a book blog's all about.

Congrats on the publication. May you have a thousand more.

Anonymous said...

*Rule #2 is the only thing that keeps me from turning this blog into a Jim Butcher fan site every time the next book in The Dresden Files comes out.

Am I allowed to say boo to rule #2 in this case?

Got the copy of Brian's book today. Can't wait to read it.

Janet Reid said...

Spaceman Blues IS marvelous. I got a copy at BEA and have been reading it slowly cause it's delicious.

Travis Erwin said...

It is cliche, but rules are meant to be broken. None of us will hold it against you.

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog, so I'm sure you've answered this before - but I just can't get over how much you READ in addition to HAVING TO READ as a part of your career. Do you find it hard to turn off the work part of your brain in order to enjoy a book, or does your experience in the business make you even more thrilled when you find what you think is a truly great writer's work?